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A promise to always serve you better

As an intimate-wear company, our aim is to offer you comfort and luxury along with affordability through our well designed products and topnotch services. However, you may come across a situation that warrants the need to raise a complaint. In such cases, our highly reliable customer service team will provide you with full support to help resolve the issue in concern.

To help raise a complaint, you may email us on email address or fill in the contact form on the website. Alternatively, you can even contact our customer service on phone number. Whatever your preferred form of correspondence may be, make sure to quote your order number for a quick fixing of the issue.


Our Commitment

As a company, we strive to deliver exceptional products and world-class customer service to all our patrons. In the event, should the unexpected happen, we will make sure we put you and your concerns first and try to resolve it swiftly and amicably.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our end goal. In order to reach, achieve and improve our objectives, we welcome feedback to understand how we can better our services.

Any concerns raised by you, will be dealt with fairly and resolutely.


Complaint Process

In case of complaints, we will try to resolve it as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

However, there may be times when resolving a concern immediately may not be feasible. Should this happen, we will make sure to explain this clearly and also how the complaint will be handled. An approximate time-frame for complaint resolution may also be explained to you.

If you are unsatisfied with the resolution of the concern, you can escalate the complaint to our Customer Service Manager. Once the complaint is received, we will provide you a complete response within 5 working days. In case we require more time to investigate the concern, the same shall be informed to you.

We assure you that any concern we receive from you for our products or services will be resolved swiftly in an unbiased manner.

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At Jetaasi, our focus is on delivering intimate wear to women across India with our no-nonsense online shopping experience, amazing discounts, and affordable prices

  • Our range of women’s sexy lingerie is perfect for all occasions and sizes
  • Jetaasi, because your uniqueness deserves to be loved!
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